Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Different Vegetarian Pizza

Jack surprised me with a New York Style Pizza Crust and lots of yummy vegetables a few nights ago.

Apologies for not having more photos, but I wasn't aware of his endeavors until a platter was on the table with slices of this incredible pizza! So what was on this culinary masterpiece?

Florida Sweet Onions
Freshly-sliced Florida Tomatoes
Beasley Swiss Chard
Light Brushing of homemade tomato sauce
Crumbled Feta Cheese
Florida Green Bell Peppers
Florida Red Bell Peppers
Florida Poblano Peppers
Florida Jalapeno Peppers
Freshly chopped basil and parsley (from Florida, of course)

Yum! Try something out of the ordinary on flat bread or pizza dough. It's a great way of introducing vegetables to your families snacks or meals! Making the dough yourself means no chemicals or additives, but if you don't have time, visit the bakery section of most grocery stores for dough which is ready to roll out!

Another great thing about children and pizza is that small pizzas can be created, with each family member putting their favorite toppings on the dough! It's an opportunity for teaching children about nutrition, fat contents, fiber, and vitamins for optimum health. Making a pizza "bar" of contents with the choice of using at least 3 toppings is one way of having children select which vegetables they prefer. 

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