Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turkey and Swiss Chard Soup

Turkey and Chicken soups are easy recipes because they make their own flavorful broth. It’s especially economical when poultry leftovers are utilized in making soups and stews. 

In our home we sometimes slow cook a whole bird. Other times we use leftovers or even just “the bones” to create that flavor which makes soups so yummy.
In this case, turkey leftovers were boiled with bay leaves, pepper corns, fresh rosemary and basil, and several other favorite seasonings.
The refrigerator was raided for any leftover veggies, and the freezer was searched for bags containing enough veggies to save them from being placed in the compost heap.
After the turkey was sufficiently cooked, excess fat and unwanted seasoning “dregs” were removed. Turkey was taken off the bone, and set aside. 
Carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, and celery were cooked. Then peppers, field peas, green beans, green peas, and corn were added. Finally, the turkey was plopped back in with the diced swiss chard. Swiss Chard is great because it offers lots of flavor. Stalks and leaves may both be used. I always add the swiss chard, spinach or bok choy at the last minute when making soups and stews, to keep the nutrition level high.

Soups are fantastic meals and sides - perfect for the freezer, and quick meals on days where cooking is not possible. We enjoy taking advantage of the Beasley pesticide-free greens by chopping them and placing in the freezer for future use.

The simple, delicious soup below was made using Chicken broth, zipper peas, onions, chopped swiss chard and herbs.

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