Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kale and Chicken Breast Sandwich

Mmmmm, I Confess! I am a Kale addict. 

Absolutely love fresh Kale. 

Joann and Rolo manage to grow it pesticide-free, making it even more desirable. 

When the leaves are tender my favorite way of eating Kale is RAW.

Kale adds such a delicious quality to sandwiches and salads. Not only does it look pretty, incorporate texture, and bring in some vital minerals and vitamins, but it tastes great without making the sandwich soggy. 

It is also perfect for grilled sandwiches because the leaves only barely wilt, making them even more tender.

You get the idea I am devoted to Kale? A rich flavor which is between broccoli and spinach, Kale is my hero when it comes to making a sandwich or salad taste to perfection.


Grilled, sliced chicken breast
Kale, tender, washed, with stem removed from bottom
Tomato, sliced
favorite seasonings and condiments
favorite bread

(we made a mustard/horseradish condiment to complement the juicy tomato)


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