Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kale, Bok Choy and Romaine Salad with Feta

For an extra flavorful and delicious meal try adding raw kale to a salad which does not get soggy even after hours of storage. 

Great for taking to work or on the run in a cooler.

This salad contains:

  • Rinsed pesticide-free Kale from Beasley Farm
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Baby Bok Choy
  • Green Olives
  • Sliced Carrots
  • Chopped Celery
  • Sliced Radish
  • Chopped Tomato
  • Ringed Sweet Cubanella Peppers

and a home made dressing

The Dressing contains:

Organic Yogurt
Fresh Lemon Juice
Crumbled Feta Cheese
Cracked Black Pepper
Chopped fresh herbs from the garden

Salads are a great way of combining foods you might not consider combining otherwise. Use up what is left in the produce drawer of your frig, and enjoy.

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